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U.S. Clean Lab Donations

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The U.S. Clean Lab (based in Tucson AZ) has cleared out our stored protective gear and donated them to the Tucson Medical Center to support the COVD-19 response.   Items included:  shoe covers, face shields, gloves, safety goggles, etc..

Our staff greatly respects the first responders and medical staff that defends our community.

As a lab that cleans medical equipment, we are also looking to partner with manufacturers to clean newly manufactured medical gear to support the response.  Please call Brian Kemp at 424-234-9905 with inquiries.


U.S. Clean Lab Remains Open

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U.S. Clean Lab will remain open to support all customers during this COVID-19 crisis.  We have implemented policies and procedures to keep all employees healthy and safe.  Please call Brian Kemp directly at 424-234-9905 with any questions.