AS9100 defines additional areas within an aerospace quality management system that must be addressed when implementing an ISO 9001:2015-based quality system.

Typically, these requirements are included within a robust aerospace quality systems. The industry experts who wrote the standard agree that these elements are essential to ensure safety, as well as high quality products, processes, and services. Although the standard outlines industry standards for a quality management system, the method of implementation remains the system designers’ responsibility. All quality systems must be designed to meet the specific needs of the users. AS9100 identifies areas to address within the aerospace industry and system designers are encouraged to first establish a robust quality system that’s both effective and efficient. This system should be all encompassing with practices spanning multiple functions and processes within the business. For example, regulatory requirements are critical functions within the industry. The requirements within AS9100 are complementary to contractual and applicable law and regulations. Those implementing a quality system compliant with AS9100 must ensure that the additional requirements of their customers, regulatory agencies (such as the FAA and the JAA), and local, state, and national laws are also referenced within the system’s documentation.

To download a copy of U.S. Clean Lab’s ISO 9001/AS9100D certification, click here.