Medical and optical devices must undergo precision cleaning to ensure they perform safely, consistently, and to the standard required.

At U.S. Clean Lab, we offer precision cleaning of medical device components and instrumentation. Post-manufacturing oils, greases, and other debris are removed, leaving parts ready for assembly or sterilization. Our precision cleaning processes provide consistent results.

Precision Cleaning Capabilities for Medical and Optical Devices

At U.S. Clean Lab we pride ourselves on the quality and precision of our work. Our facility features ISO 14644-1 certified class 5 and class 7 cleanrooms. For any project we undertake, our expert staff designs a custom cleaning plan to meet the client’s specific requirements. To ensure our cleaning operations meet or exceed the cleanliness standard set forth in the contract, our expert technicians employ rigorous testing methods, including microscopic particle and non-volatile residue analysis. The turnaround time for a given project varies depending on its size and type. Once the plan for the cleaning process has been agreed upon, a realistic time frame for completion will be provided. All work orders are reviewed by our expert technicians prior to shipping and a certificate of conformance, signed by authorized personnel, is included in all shipments of parts cleaned at U.S. Clean Lab.

Depending on the type and amount of contamination on a part and the level of cleanliness required, we employ a variety of precision cleaning processes, including:

  • Aqueous cleaning
  • Solvent cleaning
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • High-pressure spray cleaning
  • Wipe cleaning
  • Flush cleaning

Why Choose U.S. Clean Lab?

U.S. Clean Lab has a long history of providing clients with customized precision cleaning processes. After consulting with you, our experienced staff will design a personalized cleaning strategy that meets or exceeds your project requirements.

For more information about our precision cleaning services, please contact us or request a quote.