The standards for the cleaning of parts for the military and defense industries are maintained at high levels to ensure quality services.

Over 15 years ago, U.S. Clean Lab began working with the military and defense industry when company founder, Douglas Wahl, saw a need for top-quality precision cleaning solutions in this sector. Over time, a series of protocols and measures were developed and employed to meet or exceed these high standards, which help U.S. Clean Lab’s maintain the position at the top of the precision cleaning industry. Since then, the defense industry has been a core component of their business.

As a U.S. military and defense contractor, U.S. Clean Lab often needs to adhere to strict deadlines. All of their internal systems are streamlined and continuously refined to handle the tightest turnaround times. The entire working system revolves around sticking to these strict turnaround procedures.


Having these high-quality standards and stringent demands on procedure and protocol already in place for the defense industry easily gives U.S Clean Lab the ability to offer that level of quality to non-military customers. All private sector customers get the same level of attention to detail provided to their government contacts. It is woven into every aspect of their business.

Precision Cleaning Capabilities for Military and Defense

U.S. Clean Lab prides themselves on the quality and precision of their work. Their facility features ISO 14644-1 certified class 5 and class 7 cleanrooms. For any project they undertake, their expert staff designs a custom cleaning plan to meet the client’s specific requirements. To ensure all cleaning operations meet or exceed the cleanliness standard set forth in the contract, expert technicians employ rigorous testing methods, including microscopic particle counting and non-volatile residue analysis. The turnaround time for a given project varies depending on its size and type. Once the plan for the cleaning process has been agreed upon, a realistic time frame for completion will be provided. All work orders are reviewed by expert technicians prior to shipping and a certificate of conformance, signed by authorized personnel, is included in all shipments of parts cleaned at U.S. Clean Lab.

Depending on the type and amount of contamination on a part and the level of cleanliness required, a variety of precision cleaning processes are employed, including:

  • Aqueous cleaning
  • Solvent cleaning
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • High-pressure spray cleaning
  • Wipe cleaning
  • Flush cleaning

U.S. Clean Lab’s Standards and Qualifications

Certification to AS9100D is maintained as required by the military and defense sectors as evidence of ongoing commitment to quality and customer service. 

Some of the standards and qualifications U.S Clean Lab adheres to include:

  • EST-STD-CC1246E: Product Cleanliness Levels
  • NASA Specification – PRC-5001 – Process Specification for Cleaning of Hardware
  • ASTM-STD-F24 – Standard Method for Measuring and Counting Particulate Contamination on Surfaces
  • ASTM F312 – Standard Test Methods for Microscopical Sizing and Counting Particles from Aerospace Fluids on Membrane Filters
  • SAE-ARP-1176 Oxygen System and Component Cleaning

Why Choose U.S. Clean Lab?

U.S. Clean Lab has a long history of providing clients in the military and defense industry with customized precision cleaning solutions. After consulting with you, expert staff will design a personalized cleaning strategy that meets or exceeds your project requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about precision cleaning capabilities for military applications.