U.S. Clean Lab’s typical cleaning process may include:

  • A mechanical and/or manual scrub using surfactant removes cutting fluids, oils, and other tenacious soils. Micro brushes are used for small diameter holes and other tough-to-reach places.
  • A series of ultrasonic cleaning baths are utilized to deep clean parts to ensure contaminants, particulates, and soils are removed. Ultrasonic baths may consist of any of the following: solution of surfactant, filtered deionized water, purified isopropyl alcohol, and/or other solvents.
  • Parts are pressure flushed between ultrasonic cleaning steps to facilitate the removal of contaminants.
  • A final pressure flush with a purified, filtered solvent removes any residue left from the previous steps. This leaves the hardware ready for cleanliness verification.

U.S. Clean Lab recovers, distills, and purifies its main cleaning solvents used in the cleaning process. This recovery reduces the cost of cleaning with these expensive solutions and also reduces the environmental impact of clients’ cleaning requirements.

Please contact us to learn more about precision cleaning processes at U.S. Clean Lab.

Multi-Chemistry Flush Cleaning